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  1 : <PK> I think windows should only have one error message: "42"
  2 : <Addy> Well, it's Peanut Butter Windows Reinstall Time.
  3 : * Enkaiyaju tries to fake caustics
  4 : * jelly buys everyone a round of cheap beer
  5 : grigri has to go - gonna phone the computer shop and give them hell
  6 : <Tranks> my cock is so big, i lean too far forward and fall off them every time
  7 : <Bill> cats don't like compressed air ;-)
  8 : <The-Jimmy> I'll... I'll... I'll... pee in your tampon box...
  9 : <PK> "Smith & Wesson now offers programs which make it easier than ever to finance your equipment purchases!" Buy now, rob a store, pay then
 10 : <iTM> i don't see some men as half-empty...I see them half-full of shit
 11 : [01:50a] * Snowman tinks Tranks will timeout any sec now... | [01:51a] * Tranks has quit IRC <Ping timeout> | [01:51a] <Snowman> bingo....
 12 : <PanicStudio> heh, nice. "After installing the app, please reboot your phone"
 13 : Life is a bitch - and then you marry her
 14 : <MadIce> You are too old to say w00t, Snowy
 15 : <Vivi> i haven't been around much cuz... uhm... *cough*porn*cough*
 16 : * J catapults a cow back at Vivi
 17 : <pogrelina> shallalalalalalalalalalalalaldi dah!
 18 : [10:41:43] * harr|away pounces on explicit and huggles him | [10:41:43] * explicit has quit IRC <Quit: >
 19 : <PK> Geek question of the day: Do Borg Females Require Boobs?
 20 : * Blackmage writes down in his notes that exscessive exclamation points and whips is probably some kind of homo-erotic practice. Rope is another medium that is considered.
 21 : <Blackmage> one of my guy's died! and it was my successful single hunk!
 22 : <iTM> i'm a little penis short and stout
 23 : <evil_iTM> religion goes against my religion
 24 : <Tranks> cant forget the main reason AU was made, to upload porn
 25 : <Jumbley> I don't know man, I needed it people were saying I was porn
 26 : <melaki_> curse my lack of dsl! | <Vivi> curse my lack of personality!
 28 : <The_Snowman> MI: I'm not worse than Jafo - I'm just faster <read: younger>
 29 : <Hippy> Gotta love those reality shows. Sitting at home watching people sit at home.....
 30 : <Vivi> next thing i need is images of some guy jacking off in a church that ISNT a priest
 31 : <The-Jim> only problem is you'd have to incorporate playgirlism too. And something tells me you might not appreciate himbo's running around the place in thongs.
 32 : <The-Jim> A mate of mine and these two Aussies I know recently came back from a holiday in Egypt. The two guys got offered 30 camels for 'the woman'
 33 : <Tranks> i dont know what kind of sick childhood you had...and what made people call you gay, but if it got you the women.....
 34 : <merk> i'd keep iy <merk> ot <merk> IT
 35 : <Ronwe> all I wanna do is fuck you like an animal Tranks
 36 : <Visitor> where can i find a crack for the shareware version of windowsblinds <<-- from #stardock>
 37 : <Chris> does pj where pj's when he goes to bed?
 38 : <harr|away> I'm talking about harry potter... not hewlett-packard
 39 : <aiglestates> give im the betters you ave
 40 : WinT looks left, looks right, then shouts "Snowmanulophusophugus!!!!"
 41 : God has quit IRC <Killed <NickServ <Nick kill enforced>>>
 42 : <Hippy> 9 out of 10 rednecks preferred Thinkpad over their regular brand of chewing tobbacco
 43 : * qoa has left #skinnables <fucking weirdos>
 44 : <J> yeah, that's my point, I dont like big, I like tiny
 45 : <Tranks> how can a man feel after finding the stalker aafuss in his backyard?
 46 : <J> I just found the oddest thing while I was waiting for the DSL to stop being an ass | <Enkaiyaju> your penis?
 47 : Tranks is eating Wendy's - 2 Burgers 1 frie and a frosty @ 20 bites per minute and is 1 burger through his dinner
 48 : <joh6nn> what are the quotes?
 49 : <klassik> i am not a bot.
 50 : <regener8ed> why is there lettuce in my ass? | <Snowman> now that has to one of lifes greater mysteries!
 51 : <Enkaiyaju> i'm the official channel crazy <tm>
 52 : <BtEO> can i be the resident freak?
 53 : * nikuki is now known as nikuki|off_being_a_band_fag
 54 : <Hippy> I had a Mac and Cheese earlier. Still picking bits of Hard Drive from my teeth
 55 : <Snowman> and yes... once again the famous explicit "quit and run"....
 56 : <Doreen> hehe my weeny hamster oh okeeee wait till I tell her and she comes bite your behind!
 57 : <PK> <im dumb, sorry cant help it, blame my parents or MS or so>
 58 : <PK> Since you want to add quotes.. why not add this one instead
 59 : <PK> i dont see direct pee lines from my pee'ing device to the lower part of my leg
 60 : <Tranks> i stick with tampons...i dont use pads...they feel like diapers
 61 : I like pandas. -Vivi
 62 : <Tranks> i am with snowman, WinT is adorable
 63 : [12:49:59a] <joh6nn> i'm trying it | [12:50:05a] <joh6nn> if i die before i wake, etc etc | [12:50:41a] <Snowman> cya later...... just in case... | [12:50:51a] <joh6nn> thanks | [12:52:27a] * joh6nn has quit IRC <Connection reset by peer>
 64 : <Snowman> i have mIRC coded into my pacemaker!!
 65 : <TJ> bastard =p | <sykodelicphondl> no .. i know both my parents hehe
 66 : <Snowman> aint no cam robust enough to handle you Bob ;)
 67 : * BtEO kills his ISP | <Snowman> sure, that'll keep you connected!
 68 : <Mia_Lia> i knew tranks used tampons
 69 : <MadIce> No, PK. That yellow stuff is called beer. Not tea. ;)
 70 : <Tranks> and besides, if you just spilled hot tea on your toe, why would you complain to people on IRC who might been 1,000s of miles away from you
 71 : * Tranks wants to see the snowman | <Snowman> seek help
 72 : <PK> why does my name always appear when something goes wrong...
 73 : <Stumpy> Is it Ok to run into a crowded fire and yell theatre?
 74 : <crae_poke> We're invisible
 75 : <explicit> snowmans an uber geek
 76 : <Enkaiyaju> i hope theres nobody else out there like me, that'd be a sad day for humanity
 77 : <explicit> f, | <Enkaiyaju> well said
 78 : <Enkaiyaju> "snowman has been sentenced to 5 years in jail for 5 counts of listening to 'wham!'"
 79 : <Snowman> Doreen said she'd been in here later today - <crae_ninja> THen I'd better flee fast!
 80 : <Enkaiyaju> i love you snow
 81 : <Enkaiyaju> i wanna lose weight so i can dress up all gay
 82 : <Enkaiyaju> i tried to quite gay porn once. 2 weeks later 4 nuns were dead.
 83 : <Snowman> tea?! phffff.... the most lousy way of getting people to drink hot water!
 84 : <Enkaiyaju> i got pubes, don't fuck with me!
 85 : <The-Jim> lmao... old programmer trick, when your keyboard is dirty no-one will try to use your computer.
 86 : <explicit> !quote add explicit as master
 87 : <The-Jim> "!quote add <explicit> ass master" lol
 88 : <The-Jim> well spank me and call me clara - <Snowman> *thud* - hey clara
 89 : <Chris> If you stuck trillian next to winamp3 their combined bloat would create a blackhole so big that'd suck in the entire univserse
 90 : <Enkaiyaju> i'm just gay!
 91 : <WinT> Slap me with a retarded monkey if that's not a good song.
 92 : explicit is now known as exp|away|sex
 93 : <Doreen> if you see him you better smack him w/ a trout for me and kick him too!
 94 : <sykodelicfondl> whats the use of buying an amored car and driving with the windows down???
 95 : MAC = Mega Annoying Component
 96 : Courtney Cox Nude.mpeg <---- showed up in KaZaa on a search for Godzilla LOL
 97 : * Tranks has quit IRC <Quit: Erection reset by Snowman>
 98 : crisse, calisse, tabarnak, sacrament, siboire -fiz
 99 : <The-Jim|sleepy> WinT - pool gave me an even greater appreciation of low cut tops.
100 : <WinT> Handy Dandy SnowCandy! YAY
101 : <The-Jim> sykodelicfondl - yes but if you say dot dot dot you sound like pacman checking into the betty ford clinic
102 : <The-Jim> so i pinged the wife and she ponged back, so after a brief ctcp exchange, the finger... we moved onto some damn fast DCCing | <Snowman> Jim......... you need to get out more
103 : * drag|zZZz is back after 52s: good night and good morrow all
104 : <Tranks> porn /me drules
105 : <Powerslave> haha love this ticket pushed to me from our help desk: "modem making squeeking sound when connecting, needs replaced"
106 : <Tranks> [[snowman's carrot a few feet lower than his nose]]
107 : Behind every successfull stands a woman who didnt marry me! -Snowman
108 : * explicit_the_GAY_sailor is now known as Snowman_skinning
109 : <Snowman_skinning> i have said it before and ill repeat it till my dieing day: LS IS EVIIILLLLL >;)
110 : <PK>: I think there have been spend more manhours on all the winamp skins together then on building & developing the NASA Moon rockets...
111 : <Tranks> #artuproar Cannot kick protected user Satan.
112 : <Tranks> joh6nn: i wasnt connected to the net | <Tranks> so, if i could access dogpile, then i somehow can bend space and time | <joh6nn> or you have a really nifty toaster
113 : <sauron> BWAHAHAHA!!! I got rid of one of them | <sauron> now for my next trick ... | <DaWebMassa> You'll become intelligent?
114 : <virophile> what do ninjas have to do with anime
115 : <DWM> Snowman... you are a sick demented bastard.
116 : <MadIce> The only language that all IRCers have in common is typo.
117 : My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can. -- Frank Zappa
118 : <Yaju-Work> can you take a shot of yer thingie maybe please?
119 : <DaWebMassa> shut up.. I am old and allowed to repeat myself
120 : <J> there are things you dont mess with...my girlfriend, my family, and my broadband
121 : * MadIce drops an horse shoe in the coffee. | <MadIce> Yep. It floats.
122 : <explicit> make me infoservs bitch
123 : * Snowman rotates the monitor - LOOK MA, ANIMATION!!!
124 : dragonmage recalls #devart | * grimspoon sets dragonmage shoes on fire
125 : <Chris> if you get pulled over by a cop, throw a donut outside your window ,then drive off while he's distracted
126 : * qoa prison rapes klassik and calls him susie
127 : <spyder> wtf? 11+1 ppl and no talk? o.O * spyder sets mode: +m
128 : <TJ|ChewingGum> i have... *looks around panicking* | <TJ|ChewingGum> 11... | <TJ|ChewingGum> crisis over...
129 : * harr|away has quit IRC <Quit: <O_O> <o_O> <o_o> <-_-> <._.> <_ _> -- zZzZz>
130 : <fiz> PK, cows are gentle with me :P
132 : <Yaju-Work> explicit: does that mean you won't take pictures of me or paint me naked?
133 : <KarmaGirl> my daughter is laughing at a Winnie the Pooh video and I don't know why...those things always bum me out... | <GreenReaper> Black humour.
134 : Vivi wipes his ass with the sperm
135 : BtEtta thinks Jim should remove his head from her ass
136 : <Jim> why are all my quotes worrying? I think you all think of me as some seedy dirty mac using pervert.
137 : lol @ snowman,.. and you are bashing a poor 14k user that shares some cool song with you while being under the risk of getting sued by the RIAA... -PK
138 : <Jim> ah well.. maybe i can put down on my cv that i speak, english, colloqual english, scottish english, leet, high school french and some womanese
139 : * Snowman slaps PK with a pink dildo | * PK eats it
140 : * Jim is listening to Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song
141 : * harr|away is listening to Las Ketchup - Asereje
142 : YAY for PK
143 : <nikuki> big-as-yer-head-and-twice-as-heavy-but-even-tastier-burritos
144 : * dragonmage sings "code in my coffee , code in my coffee" to the tune of You're So Vain
145 : <Satan> Normally we are very insane. But sometimes we are sick. Sorry about that.
146 : * @Snowman_skinning farts | <%dragonmage> WOW!!! skinnable farts!?!?!?
147 : * Snowman cant think - that requires a brain :D
148 : <Tranks> unless you are a porn adict *cough.....* <.< >.> and download it all the time
149 : <jelly> i'll be stuffed if i can think of it
150 : <MadIce> I think he is 11 or 12 | <MadIce> And just got upset because he found something between his legs.
151 : WC has got some of the best and most entertaining flamewars ever seen, since the days of Skinz.org!! -- Snowman
152 : Listen to MadIce! -- adni18 <7/29/2003 11:01:36 PM>
153 : <TJ|ex-ey_stuff> "on the funny side... you want to be a chick and i seem to be a chick."
154 : <Hippy> You couldn't hack your way out of a wet paper bag, you peasant
155 : <Hippy> I look like Brad Pitt's better looking brother | <Hippy> After a car crash
156 : <Snowman> porr aafuss
157 : <WinT> ok snow, how ya want it? DCC?
158 : <idiotdude> Liking American Idol = gay <boy or girl> | <idiotdude> diagnosis: chaz = gay ;)
159 : <STEELWOLF> steelwolf of borg...björn borg
160 : <DaWebMassa> I think voo got sucked into the CD Burner... he is now circulating on Kazaa
161 : <SkinStudio> please don't huggle me, I'm to young to be huggled! | <Chris> howabout an atomic wedgie instead?
162 : <WinT> PI, 166Mhz, OVERCLOCKED to 266Mhz! LMAO <-- This is no shit
163 : [12:45:20a] * nikuki is now known as nikuki`s_out_with_her_guy | [12:45:32a] <Snowman> have fun Nicki | [01:28:04a] <MadIce> Cya | [01:28:16a] <Snowman> hehe..... | [01:28:40a] <Snowman> might have to yell a bit louder MI | [01:28:58a] <Snowman> she's prolly half way into the movie right now ;) | [01:46:36a] * MadIce looks at the time stamps. Ah! ;) | [01:46:54a] <Snowman> LOL
164 : <methodik> winT's ears are smoking.... oh no...
165 : <chaz012> Like they kept trying to get me to drink water and I think I even pissed in the cup they gave me
166 : <chaz012> She likes the show | <Snowman> poor girl
167 : <chaz012> The girl I was with last night raped me, because I was drunk and she wasnt lol | <chaz012> But we didnt fuck so its not rape
168 : <chaz012> Thats more sad than me liking american idol
169 : <grimspoon> lol.. because he's greek geek?
170 : <PK> i mean Kwiebeckian
171 : * grimspoon listens to a rather sexy vacuum cleaner
172 : <BruB_photography> Don't pick on DeviantArt, it does that to itself all the time
173 : * grimspoon starts stabbing himself with a blunt object
174 : <BruB> All of PK's are easy, hell, PK IS easy!
175 : Viro is God
176 : Viro is OUR God
177 : Canananada - hey aint that the white fluffy spot on top of the US?
178 : <WinT> Double quadruple crispy YAY for PK and Snowman!!!
179 : <Snowman> grimspoon - one of the funkiest Aussies ever to set foot on the face of the Earth!
180 : <MadIce> WC only came because skinz was gone.
181 : DA is too big for its own good
182 : * Snowman is now known as Snowman_sinning | <Snowman_sinning> gaaah | * Snowman_sinning is now known as Snowman_skinning
183 : <BruB> Hehe Technically, Canada is Bigger and on Top, therefore the US is our bitch ;)
184 : <idiotdude> be back later, gonna go feed the animals before they try and eat us | <Snowman> i didnt know that ID had kids?!
185 : <BruB> SnowDude needs a SnowDudette
186 : * DaWebMassa proudly displays his beak | <Hippy> Yeah, funny, but that's not your beak. Put it away and pull your zip up before I have you arrested
187 : <PK>: well,.. at least its not about purple dildo's :-|
188 : <BruB> That InfoServ is too much fun or it doesn't take much to amuse us
189 : * BruB has quit IRC <Quit: Snowman's brain 5$, infoservs brain 20$, PK's dildos, Priceless. >
190 : virophile: i will always hate the snowman as long as he wears that pink sweater, haven't bothered to zoom the skin, but i am pretty sure it sucks, i mean a pink sweater.... seriously and don't get me started on WinT, ever since he saw this 80's movie and went out and got some hair cut he has never been the same, obviously this has affected his taste in skins too.
191 : <adni18> My cat is calling me brb
192 : if <fridge.beer == null>fridge.put<firelight.goto <Denmark>.buy<beer>>;
193 : * Voxel-Ux peels pen and sundry materials away from face: A desk is no where to fall asleep. Trust me.
194 : SkinBase could be called Encyclopedia Themica. -- Bradley Wardell
195 : * joh6nn makes a concerted effort to not throttle persons who do not read files that clearly state README
196 : <PK> only thing i can think of to give slashdot.org the slashdot effect is to tell all the AOL lemmings that slashdot.org is a site with free porn
197 : * SubBASS pokes voxel with a long pointy stick | <Voxel_skinning> I hope that isn't some mating ritual. | <SubBASS> only if your lucky
198 : Beauty lies in the eyes of the beer holder
199 : <floyd25> true. i just wish I had 22" | <floyd25> screen that is *G*
200 : <Chameleon> i am just new one here, how cound i donwload DM lite? <maybee i`m so stupid that i cannot find it>
201 : <The-Jim> damn moth is trying to mate with my monitor...
202 : <fiz> Tranks is god
203 : <MadIce> And BTW: Your hair is so strategically placed... and your spirit could not be on a better face. -- Bootsy Collins
204 : <Addy> Ah, but I can give you porn, warez, and foul language!
205 : <MadIce> I wouldn't be amazed if those 21 plants went down because of a WB bug ;)
206 : * harrellj is watching sesame street music from a to z
207 : There's a new soft drink that contains Viagra instead of caffeine, it's called Mount-n-Do.
208 : Quit <Connection reset by Cruise Missile>
209 : 'You can call it junk, you can call it trash, its still rock n' roll to me' --Blackie Lawless
210 : <idiotdude> jesus is a genius :P
211 : "Ones never alone with a rubber duck" The Golgafrincham Captain-The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
212 : <Hippy> Hi, I'm Kris KrisKOFFerson
213 : <i_b_matt> eh i dont know i just see a picture of a computer screen the window blinds is working
214 : <radialfx> NoonienSoong may I ask you a skinstudio question? | <NoonienSoong> i think i know the problem | <NoonienSoong> indeed, it's a bug in Skinstudio | <Keila> Even before he asked. That's really cool ;)
215 : <Tranks> Snowman: aafuss is my idol.
216 : My 486 is getting too slow; I want to upgrade it. Do you think a couple megabyte SmartDrive would help?
217 : How much do Windows cost, and do you have to buy each one separately?
218 : <RadialFX> Oh my god! Sleeping kids can hear an Ice Cream truck 3 blocks away!
219 : <The-Jim> burning a cd at 24x while on the internet browsing DA no less... lets see if burnproof is really all it's cracked up to be
220 : <The-Jim> ^ there you go, there's a balls quote.
221 : <The-Jim> I love the danes, they gave us Carslberg to fuel the hangover, and The Little Mermaid, the disney version i watch with my saturday hangover.
222 : <MadIce> J popped it in last night.
223 : <PK|nearby> iTM is famous, all hail iTM
224 : <Tranks> easy peasy japanese
225 : <WinT> snowman just rules, he just really does. Not enough people understand just how much snow rules.
226 : <Snowman> and that new 'metal' stuff makes me orgasm...
227 : <The-Jim> And this is why god made 640x480
228 : <The-Jim> That little dude knows far too much about modding and asian porn actresses to be healthy.
229 : <Tarmelane> BREAKFAST.COM Halted...Cereal Port Not Responding
230 : <Doreen> don't laugh but I love Casper too
231 : <Tranks> Snowmans.ShoutBox<"Tranks doesnt like C++. C++ made Tranks mess up on JavaScript. Not very fun">;
232 : <qoa> I'd run ME over 98 any day.
233 : * jesstech has a silicone penis
234 : <jesstech> I'm gay
235 : <jesstech> i'm such an idipt
236 : <jesstech> i said i KNOW how to do it | <jesstech> not i CAN do it
237 : LiteStep IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
238 : <Snowman> FUCK THE RIAA
239 : <The-Jim> Damn it I'm practically in charge here after Janice and Bob and i'm not allowed to play with InfoServ
240 : <orange> I owe the RIAA $450,000 <3 mp3s>
241 : <Hippy> Bah, everyone thinks Skinplant is Mike. I'm gonnae get a T-Shirt printed that says 'What aboot meeeeee'
242 : <iTM> Snowman there are only 3 x's in iTM, but that's when I get naughty >;P
243 : * Tranks loves Snowman
244 : <BtEO> jelly babies look funny when you squish them to death
245 : <jesstech> i'm tempted to type "would you like to see a list of things i have once sucked on?"; but i've decided i will not type that.
246 : <jesstech> i suck many things
247 : <grigri> my mates are mating
248 : <The-Jim> that does not surprise me... i mean i know i'm a perv but i think Tranks genuinely wants to be the internet's answer to Larry Flint.
249 : Monopoly Game: "I need one more stamp <the rare ones> for all of the stamps, I need some winning stamps, and I know Ebay ain't selling winning stamps, only a drunk man would winning stamps. - Zack2"
250 : <Tranks> Download porn and Mp3s, GOD COMMANDS YOU!
251 : * MadIce is now known as MadDiaper
252 : Keep death of the road - drive on the sidewalk
253 : <MadIce> Hey! Don't you touch that dirty young man!
254 : <PK> my motherboard just happend to be intergrated in my soundcard
255 : <Chris> my dog's name is bryce, he poos swirly blobs
256 : <RND> teh brown bois are in town!
257 : <Athlon> hope my tool didn't run em off..
258 : <viro> we got bush for a president, mathematics is not a priority
259 : <Hippy> Mike, make my button flash
260 : <jesstech> one bitmap loads bottom up and you go running around the house naked screaming "ALIENS!!! ALIEEEENNNSSS~!!!" <jesstech> ...at least i do. =/
261 : <techop> !quote techop | <InfoServ> techop: No Match
262 : <The-Jim> I still think the bsod should just read - "because"
263 : I'm so poor i can't afford to pay attention
264 : Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man HOW to fish, and he will sit in a boat all day and drink beer
265 : If your worried about the ship sinking... I can send you one of my wife’s boobie holders that would keep you afloat forever!!! --hobnobber
266 : <MadIce> Those dwarfs are really skinned well ;)
267 : <TrueBlue> Im going on a quest to find myself. If i get back before i return, keep me here.
268 : * the-jim whinges
269 : <Tranks> i am sitting here with my headphones on, but have nothing coming out
270 : "Don't hurry, don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So be sure and stop to smell the flowers" --Walter Hagen
271 : <Tranks> god i love the smell of my farts on a bad day
272 : <TJ-Book> are you an eskimo?
273 : <methodik> I've eaten so many cough drops, that my mouth feels like a sponge
274 : <Snowman> fucknutt connection :/
275 : * jesstech is now known as queer
276 : <Chris> Actually I'm Earthworm Jim's slender cousin, Tapeworm Slim
277 : <joh6nn> i think about sex way more often than that
278 : <BtEO> it's well worth playing with harr..
279 : <PK> anyway, im of to admire some worms
280 : <pacca> bring back my monkey
281 : <pacca> i want to build my own "snowman" that i could sexualy molest any time i want
282 : <pacca> snow: entertain me - * The_Snowman unzips - <pacca> get ya gear off woooow
283 : <pacca> u crazy reverse vampire
284 : * pacca has quit IRC <Quit: Gone in search of a transexual nazi snowman from Denmark - wish me luck!>
285 : <pacca> yeah tj did i piss ya off calling ya a urinal dude
286 : * pacca dances around like a crazy redneck
287 : <viro|countdown> crummy fuckbrains actually sounds kinda cute
288 : <pacca> brb - goin to ring muta - <pacca> want to tell him anything? - <BtEO> He got BtEtta pregnant...
289 : <Snowman> TELETUBBIES FOREVAH!!!!!
290 : <The-Jim> lol because apparently i'm the resident pervert as bob will testify, so it's gotta be my fault...
291 : <BtEO> i haven't seen so much action in ages
292 : <@Snowman> i just feed it and keep it generally happy......
293 : <The-Jim> okay okay i get the picture, you've been naked with big groups of girls, i get it... so jealous... lol
294 : Greetings Earthlings, I come in pieces
295 : * joh6nn puts the skin in integer's mouth, and clicks "apply"
296 : * pingouin is now known as PKfan
297 : <pacca> to put its short, im on a list of suspected terrists in aus
298 : <pogz> you mean that empty tub labeled "cold beer" that spyder was seen sneaking around the other day? | <integer> ah, thats why he's missing.....
299 : <Jeremy> so a dyslexic guy walks into a bra.....
300 : <PK> i did jump to a speaker yesterday
301 : <PK> tss, why don't they stop sending me this penis enlarger emails.. Don't I am happy with small penis!!! Basterds!
302 : <Chris> I have a thing for gay puppies
303 : <pacca> my moto in life is "can't someone else do it"
304 : <Tranks> well, i want you to somehow make some friction, start a fire, and jump in and melt. you will die someday and that someday is today
306 : <Vivi> w00t to panda porn
307 : <iTM> firefox focks!
308 : <The-Jim> lovely... jimmy's return to IRC and it's pervy.
309 : * viro consults his jesus doll made of playdough
310 : <synopsis> too bad win2k found a real life though
311 : <harr|away> the first one cracks me up "The nipple is pink!"
312 : <BtEO> French kissing a horse really doesn't seem so bad anymore.
313 : * Ronwe kicks nickserv
314 : <Tranks> I love nikuki.com so much i want to make sweet love to it's port 80
315 : <Tranks> Snowman: wanna go make out?
316 : <pacca> ....or lookin for a job where u suck arse
317 : <pacca> Pacca's Potent Penis Potion - spray on viagra
318 : * Ronwe removes a 12.5" steel dildo and a bunny suit from his bag of tricks
319 : * The-Jim thought he recognised the smell of spermacide
320 : <pacca> Company solves morale problems by only hiring the seriously mentally ill - yay i got a job
321 : <PK> I see I have to move to America, land of opportunities, screwing in the name of god and country
322 : * The-Jim pats crotch to make sure
323 : <The`Jim> it's amazing how cinematic listening to the matrix reloaded soundtrack and hitting penguins over a minefield is.
324 : <stats-crapper> god has been forgotten.
325 : * Blake feels like a teenage school girl
326 : <pacca> u need to drink more piss
327 : * pogz beats snowman with synopsis' pimp cane
328 : <viro|greenpeace> my chaz toilet seat cover rocks too
329 : <jesstech> cool?! I desperately need five gay men for this room!
330 : <jesstech> would it help things if i told you all i'm into whipped cream and tight latex?
331 : <BtEO|Uni> I owe the RIAA dick...
332 : <Chris> Skin me, Amadeus!
333 : <KarmaGirl> Speaking of IV, when I was in the hospital the last time they put caffeine in my IV so that I wouldn't have withdrawl. Is that bad, or what?
334 : <Chris> I dunno that ape chick was kinda hot
335 : <The-Jim> i dunno, use mine sounded like the cry of the guy left alone at an orgy
336 : <Jafo> Macs are for porno movies
337 : <The-Jim> c'ept Janice won't let me play with hers. *sulks*
338 : <The-Jim> and harr|away is a woman, she doesn't really care what size it is, so long as it works. | <harr|away> oh so true ;->
339 : <harr|away> I still love the whole waxing leg thing
340 : <harr|zzzz> one last listen to the bouncing boobies song to knock out ometto samba from my head before bed ;->
341 : <harr|away> I suck today!
342 : <harr|away> wow... same size and length
343 : * BtEO huggles strokeIt
344 : <synopsis> damn, batting a 1000 on stupidity today
345 : <harr|away> so... my computer kept calling me an idiot ;->
346 : <Tranks> everytime i flush after a crap, i am killing my children
347 : * Matrix9180 forms the man period support group for Snowman
348 : <The-Jim> All hail harr|away and her magnificent bouncing boobies
349 : <The-Jim> well i'm a perv okay...
350 : <synopsis> baking soda and perioxide toothpaste has a weird taste
351 : * The-Jim just got over excited to see his mistress
352 : * The-Jim waves his magic wang threateningly at Snowman|skinning
353 : <Vivi> my porn downloads keep resetings
354 : We have superpowers that allow us to op you, and make cool milk bubbles with our nostrils. - iMike
355 : <BtEO> I ain't a real man or woman.. but I use winamp
356 : <Vivi> this porn would be great.... if it didn't suck
357 : <Vivi> porn is so confusing
358 : <RND> lol we sound like a load of cyber teens :o
359 : * Maiku slaps Tranks w/ a white glove "I demand satisfaction!"
360 : cjimshair: Hehe laying in bed. Just farted and the dog jumped out of her skin.
361 : <Chris> High-heeled snowmen sound sexah!
362 : <The-Jim> Where is my mind?
363 : <@diabolus> yet, i was the complete opposite about urinating. when i had to go, i would pull down my pants to my ankles first, then run to the bathroom.
364 : <chaz012> OMG IM PREGNANT!
365 : <pjp> I got truned into a newt
366 : <Nakor> canonically, the last funny things from england in america were: monty python and prince charles talking about being a tampon
367 : <Hippy> Le Beunos Aires, Gary Linekar, hethetheth pethetheht , falla la la hee, fallalal hey, fallla ho.
368 : <Nakor> he's in australia. he's holding onto the grass while walking on his hands anyhow
369 : <BtEO> I suck it in for the photos
370 : <chaz012> The-Jim practice your deap thraoten
371 : mutial friend? with friends like that, who need enema
372 : <koop> Don't we all enjoy a little chitty chitty bang bang now and again?
373 : <koop> I think therefore I do- Sartre | I do therefore I think.- Camus | Do be do be do. - Sinatra
374 : <Hippy> Life is shit. Skinning just diverts ones attention from it.....
375 : * Games_Master but I wanted a butt light
376 : <Tranks> [99% downloaded of The_Internet.tar.gz.torrent]... :P
377 : <xino> it's comic booky, but I was a comic book geek so I liked it.
378 : <BtEO> bleh.. I just hold ctrl+alt+shit
379 : <BoXXi> a girl asked me yesterday.... "do you smoke after sex?" I said... "I don't know...... I've never looked!"
380 : <harr|away> To keep me honest I make this promise: On July 30 of this year I will post a photograph on this web page of myself wearing nothing but a bathing suit.
381 : <viro> dreamweaver is like driving a tank to school
382 : <Voxel-Ux> Only when the who went where then the this thus was thoroughly better than that .
383 : <BoXXi> ha! if my dog had a face like yours, I'd shave it's ass and teach it to walk backwards....
384 : <Chris> I'm too hexy for this shirt
385 : <viro> i can show you my shrine to Snowman
386 : <Jafo> Gee...I have a Licence for Win 3.11....wonder if I get a free upgrade to Longhorn.....
387 : <viro> it is like giving jesus a tattoo
388 : <viro> theres enough viro for everyone
389 : <vf> to many people bug the tits of me
390 : <vf> look at his helmet
391 : <Voxel-Ux|throttling_cat> Teaching it to dance then.
392 : <BoXXi> I was happily married till I made that skin..... now I'm in a homosexual relationship with my local vicar
393 : <Snowman> Viridian Room was an extremely hard butt to crack! Way to go!!!
394 : <BoXXi> I am the walrus
395 : <DrNick> my finger always slips once i try to put that rod in
396 : * GreenReaper communicates solely through the medium of trained pidgeons pecking on the keyboard.
397 : <Chris> I keep trout in my pockets
398 : <Nakor> brad wardell ate my gerbil
399 : <Jafo> sex is exercise | <Hippy> Yeah but sometimes you can get someone else to do the hard work.
400 : <viro> don't stick that tongue out at me you right wing planet killer :P
401 : <HoE> I've never seen a girl...
402 : <digital_trucker> A white rap group would rap about their Ford Focus.
403 : <Jafo> if that guy had another brain he could almost be capable of drooling
404 : * BoXXi feels a sudden attraction to Trillian
405 : <Voxel-Ux> Just my Brit sense of humour. Tis a bit mad.
406 : <Voxel-Ux> Got the pentagram set up and Schumacher's pic in the middle surrounded by candles and a dagger suspended over him by a virgin's hair.
407 : <PK> to much woman in my life
408 : <iTM> Tinky Winky is the man!
409 : <Guest1> how do I find my tab?
410 : <viro|away> oh yeah... i am an ass sometimes
411 : * Ronwe eats the fart
412 : * Ron|ZZzz prances around in a distinctly homosexual manner
413 : <xitej> "I need a girl who's name doesn't end in .JPG"
414 : <Ronwe> {wouldn't wanna discriminate against the nekked boys and hermies
415 : <BtEtta> Either way all you need to do is play with your cookies and you're back in....
416 : <Jerry> they have sewer systems in scotland now? | <Chris> yeah, stinkplant
417 : QUICK \part and /quit are sitting on a fence and \part falls off. Who is left?
418 : <jesstech> ooo, we could make infoserv gay
419 : <iTM> Tranks: | * iTM is listening to Avril Lavigne - Im With You | <Tranks> iTM: | <Tranks> [Mp3] [Marilyn Manson - Suicide Is Painless]
420 : <BoXXi_Skinning> the other book that I bought was more successful.... "How to make a baby in under 30 seconds"..........
421 : * PK pukes pieces of pink dildo all over Snowman
422 : <viro> earth = virotopia
423 : <Latin4567> this is to complex for my simple, neandertal mind
424 : [02:45:07p] <HoE> But the real judgment day is upon us... | [02:45:14p] * Jafo has joined #stardock
425 : <Chris> SDC gave me herpes
426 : <iTM> well I prefer BabyaShell
427 : <BoXXi> Yuk! Janet jackson....... Boobies like Wells Fargo saddlebags!
428 : * iTM is now known as Blake_Vellhung
429 : <viro|away> i idolize jesus because he is a snazzy dresser
430 : <MAX1> when you go to fishing this summer, do not forget your computer!
431 : <Chris> damn just lost my balls
432 : <Voxel-Ux|defragging> I'm so unpopular even the spammers ignore me.
433 : <Tranks> maybe i dont get it because i am using 2 old blankets as blinds for my windows
434 : <pjp_sleep> he who huggles and runs away lives to huggle another day
435 : <DrNick|APUSH> I have to get his picture though and add it to my closet Brad Wardell shrine
436 : <nature> what happens if I attempt it, but my cdkey is bad? do I get fried? | <mritche> It just pops up a little box at you
437 : <Chris> why don't we just upload voo to bash.org
438 : <MikeB314> I do voo
439 : <TJ> <--- Jim|Possible
440 : <Hippy> I'm the Mega Markosaurus. Coming soon to a Tokyo near you.
441 : <Chris> I don't spank so much as I stroke
442 : * Ronwe and Tranks are in love....
443 : * harr|away misses D`mer :9
444 : <Ron|Halo> stupid illegal copy of halo can't be played online
445 : <ir_mudd> did you want me to give you head? ;)
446 : <ir_mudd> that lucky bastard, i have always wanted my own midget
447 : <Tranks> i am going to a pimp college
448 : <Ronwe> Oh.. Did you hear the nudes? <Ronwe> erm.. news? <Ronwe> [stupid sex thought every 6 seconds...]
449 : <Snowman> yeah sure, just leave out your future co-worker... | <PK> Aafuss!
450 : <PK> PKooligan
451 : <Hippy> No trans on those. You need to fake it
452 : <skinmalott> confeusis says "one who goes to bed with itchy butt, wakes up with stinky fingers"
453 : All those who believe in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.
454 : Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.
455 : <Voxel-Ux> I think my first computer had an Edison cylinder for a HD.
456 : <harr|away> my fave is one that I will never forget the title of... Madame Fifi's Whorehouse ;->
457 : <kona_livewire> I suck
458 : <BtEO> But floating 10000+ things hurts a browser
459 : <diabolus> Ronwe! how'd you make out?
460 : <mittens> "Set your dildo to stun, ensign."
461 : <bill> getting it in the Giraffes mouth is cool
462 : Jims Blog: Following england's defeat in Euro 2004 I would like to leave space for this joke: Victoria Beckham has broken the world gangbang record, in just 120 minutes her shaven twat fucked the whole of england.
463 : [09:29:35] <Tranks> harr|away: hmmm....maybe anything you say/dont say will be replaced with 'Porn' o.-
464 : <Vivi> internet = porn
465 : <harrellj> But I need a young thang
466 : <tj|away> I think he's buffing the sausage myself
467 : <@tj|away> great big danish squirrell
468 : <Snowman> tennis..... the sex of sports, at least there are just as much moaning as in a low-rated pornmovie
469 : This quote is best viewed on a monitor
470 : This quote is best viewed on a computer
471 : * BtEtta steals TJ's cherry
472 : <Tranks> what if i was to hold onto you and vibrate?
473 : <maarch> Dogs are mans best friend, No I'm just kidding, Computuer is.
474 : <harrellj> I'm convinced this is the sort of sexual ecstasy you achieve when you play computer games too much."
475 : <Jafo> I prefer 'gif' I want my birds to be animated
476 : <DigiGnome> Real life should have a fucking search function, or something. I need my socks.
477 : <Hippy> Who let the drugs out? WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF
478 : * tj|away huggles Snowman the Extremely Cute Danish Ladyboy
479 : * Snowman huggles Jimbo the Limbo Bimbo
480 : <Snowman> she gets it much harder <quote that and ill have your balls in a sling>
481 : * BiNz has quit IRC <Quit: Sex is like math: Add bed, minus clothes, divide legs, and pray u dont multiply!>
482 : * beanie laughs at Tranks because he has a crush on the olsen twins
483 : <integer> ah, i didnt know you where doing wints site..
484 : <Caboose> you want me to find assholes and post them?
485 : <Hippy> I was wondering what the hell the weird noise I could just barely hear in my room was there. Then i realised I had Tubular Bells playing and it was the intro
486 : * tj|away got a late payment free on his credit card because he has the memory of a goldfish with alziemers
487 : <Hippy> If the moon was made of pudding, Neil Armstrong woulda sunk, and the Russian woulda laughed their asses off
488 : <tj|away> smaller balls too
489 : <synopsis> really fuck me up in the head
490 : <xino|AFK> shiny glassy people holding hands.
491 : <Hippy> Thunderize sounds like something that happens in your pants when you have gas.
492 : <tj|away> I want a t-shirt... quote me i'm angry
493 : <Quit: On a traffic light green means go and yellow means stop. But on a banana it's all out of wack, green means stop, yellow means go, and red means where the fuck did you get this banana?>
494 : <Hippy> Just clicking on it maxmised it for me
495 : <Jafo> I am dyslexic of Borg...your ass is malted
496 : * Voxel-Ux never lets education interfere with my learning
497 : <Tranks> I was like "Fuck birth control, I will just be a cannibal and eat my first born"
498 : <tj|away> if you're gonna shag a sheep take it to the edge of a cliff that way it'll push back harder
499 : [23:36] -Mike- [Server Notice] Congratulations to synopsis on the birth of his baby. He named her Billie Lou!
500 : <MAX1> I am to go in my father and it did not have a computer!!!
501 : <Tranks> I can do 7 seconds in mIRC :P
502 : <synopsis> wow i just had a realization, almost all of linkin park's songs are like two and a half minutes long and follow the same formula
503 : <Hippy> That's why you buy a cat with big pockets....
504 : <koop> "Shit - a bug has got under the "screen" on my flat panel monitor. It's walking around and I can't splat it!" Tell everyone that it is a DX Object.
505 : <synopsis> heh, whats even worse is that my ass has fallen asleep
506 : <Vivi> i think i'm irresistable after i have sex with someone
507 : <tj|away> Snowy, noun, grumpy cuddly loveable old fart.
508 : <WOM> all women are the same, just their outer wrapper is different
509 : <Voxel-Ux> Life is a chat room. Some ping out for the present and others are reset by the great peer.
510 : <tj|away> sorry about that tranks, i was masturbating so furiously the dsl modem stopped working... missed whatever scathing joke you had next :p
511 : <Snowman> ugh... gotta drain the snake - back in a butt
512 : <Vivi> i have a cucumber in my ass.
513 : <Hippy> Jump back on a sex
514 : <Hippy> I can wax a datschund in 3 mins flat too
515 : <BtEO> HAH... IE's ASS IS MINE!!!!!
516 : <BtEO> We need more cock
517 : <Snowman> i'd click your link any day.....
518 : <Voxel-Ux> Me good looking...hah. I'm so ugly Ambulances pull over to give me lifts.
519 : <tj> and now we appear to have the returning of the singers testicles, he seems joyous that today he gets his nadgers back.
520 : <tj> it's like the chipmunks invoked dark powers
521 : <_GreatSilverWyrm> Last time people listened to a bush we wandered in the desert for 40 years.
522 : <tj> yes ladies and Snowmen i'm semi naked... scream and show me love
523 : <Vivi> oh man drawers blow my mind
524 : <Vivi> what can i say i like a good blowjob
525 : <Vivi> i think if i was in a war and got hit by a sniper, i'd be like "FUCKING CAMPERS@*!$&!<@*$&"
526 : * harrellj is listening to Care Bears - Forest of Feelings
527 : * tj thinks the girl is lying to spare his feelings
528 : <Chris> "Captain, I ate too much Mexican and have to go down to engineering and "eject" the warp core. If you know what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink"
529 : <Hippy> Scottish sheep are easy
530 : <tj> Orgasms calm your cravings for junk food and sometimes for cigarettes.
531 : <Hippy> I'd show you all a pic of my girl, but I she's under the bed and I can't be bothered digging her out and inflating her for one picture.
532 : <Voxel-Ux> What good thing about having a cold...I am unable to taste my own cooking.
533 : <tj> i once had 'text sex' with my ex whilst playing yahoo pool, i was at college she was at home, she was horny and well lol...
534 : <Voxel-Ux> Edison cylinders as hard drives.
535 : <Chris> Everytime someone installs StyleXP, God kills a skinner
536 : <synopsis> this house STINKS | Voxel-Ux> Home Sweat Home
537 : <tj> I SAW A SQUIRREL!!!!
538 : <tj>I was a chubby lady, hiding in the bushes
539 : <tj> LOL after i spent ages playing with it
540 : <MadIce> I feel stupid. Probably because I am ;)
541 : * WOM still has his WIN ME dick
542 : <Jafo> One day the pumpkins will join forces with the turkeys and beat the living daylights out of every single American on the planet
543 : <spr33> i suck well though.
544 : <Kul> i got 17" and i think its big
545 : fiz rules
546 : <NoonienSoong> The Skins Factory has an ego so big that it changes the trajectory of nearby planets.
547 : <MikeB314> there was no internet when I was 17. We had to dress up as lesbians and hit the streets.
548 : <vf> flied lice you plick
549 : "Satisfied customer... we should have her stuffed..." - Basil Fawlty [John Cleese - Fawlty Towers]
550 : <Kona> Ya know I hope Longhorn isn't able to use windowblinds - And I hope it deals a blow to stardock - Brad needs to be taught to be humble <--- from #stardock - What an idiot!!
551 : <tj> i archived it onto dvd to free up hd space, avril is not as deserving of harddrive space as she is as bed space.
552 : <vf> time for RamboIII, need to find a red ribben and pump up my man tits
553 : <DarkXvolution> I am not a person to be bought or sold, Snow.
554 : <Voxel-Ux> We'll be driving around in electric cars with a woofer under the bonnet and a cd of V8 hemi blaring out the ol' Blaupunkt.
555 : <WickedP> So Jafo, did you like my multi-colored, shiny balls?
556 : <Chris> wow that image achieves maximum goat suckage
557 : <digital_trucker> big outfits out inna middle of nowhere with lots of fuzzy animals that go 'bahhh'
558 : <HG_Eliminator> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*thud*moooooooo...
559 : <Chris> give me a chicken with lipstick
560 : <Hippy> Viagra rules. I put some in the shampoo downstairs and everyone had a spike for 2 weeks
561 : <Vivi> "hey, i was wondering if you like to smell panties, please don't ignore me, i'm just asking"
562 : <Jafo> to heck with the spelling...
563 : <MikeB314> fortunately, he just gave me a raise.
564 : <Jafo> voo's GF is called 'Baaaabra'
565 : <vf> it takes one year to make a kick ass design, so if i had brothers or sisters it could be a decade
566 : <koop> "im so glad i was an only child" My brother used to say that all the time.
567 : <Hippy> I was looking for weird male body stockings for my transvestite night out....
568 : <Jafo> i got in and out ok
569 : <Chris> we take turns humping the christmas tree
570 : <grahamIlithuia> download Britney Spears virual girl screensaver at my private server while im online..
571 : <Kul> "revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy"
572 : <Hippy> Nah, the akwardness has passed. Pas and I discussed what happened and we agreed it was just a 1 night thing...
573 : <PixelPirate> Yes Byron, but Apples won't come before 10.4
574 : <Lothinator> Okay, I could only find comparative figures of bills between Iowa and Texas based on households below poverty level... Based on this info, the average "energy" bill <includes heating/cooling and all household energy consumption> for Texas is $802 and Iowa's annual cost is $509 - <Lothinator> keeping in mind that those in these ranks will be attempting to save money usually - <Hippy> You people bore me. Lets talk about boobies for a while. - <Lothinator> it is therefore not representative of those who have money to spend on large homes, and such - <Hippy> OI - <Hippy> BOOBIES - <Hippy> Don't try and change the subject
575 : ByronT-Desktop has joined #stardock - * Hippy chops Byron - <Hippy> WAAAAAAAAAH! - <Hippy> You're dead - Lothinator has quit <Ping timeout> - ByronT-Desktop has quit <Connection reset by peer> - <Hippy> I think I killed them both - <Hippy> Damn me and my strength
576 : <tj> that i'm a transvestite?
577 : <tj> holy mother of god, i own a thong
578 : <jier> and i dont mind being called a whore
579 : <Mack> i'm yet to find a grandma that's felt abused by viagra
580 : <bill> Wow! <bill> heh <Guardian> huh? <bill> what? <Snowman> who? <bill> where? <Snowman> why? <WOM> when <Snowman> ok <bill> how? <WOM> hum
581 : <Mack> exciting? someone fed you lies man...it's all lies...conspiracies...man...the government is like out to get you...dude...whoa...check out the dragon...
582 : <Chris> Hello. My name is Chris, and I'm a Luna whore
583 : <Chris> they should modify wc so that when you upload a file it automatically generates and adds Butch's quote
584 : <*****> How is it that when Kona tells someone he is an Admin on another site, it makes "Admin" sound so cheesey and cheap?
585 : <Jafo> Luke..cough, gasp...wheeze...I am....cough.... an asthmatic
586 : * BtEtta wants hot pants...
587 : <Mack> I love butch, I'm butch's fanboy, big bear daddy
588 : <Chris> I'm an ass man
589 : * Mack slaps Snowman with a test ticle
590 : * BoXXi licks his 20" one
591 : <Chris> what's that saying? Behind every good sheep is a voo
592 : <Jeremy> i can spot a redhead at 300 years
593 : <HG_Eliminator> DING!!!! and in this corner weighing in at a mere 75 IQ points ... kona !!!!!!
594 : <vf> DX will be sexulated with the voomeister soon... ¬_¬
595 : <Jafo> koop gets his perverse skills from me
596 : <OZZY> yes i'm bill's lover.....
597 : <kona> I really wish I had a set of balls
598 : <koop> GSW was explainig how you can tell the male ones, 'cause they got this thing that sticks out...
599 : <CerebroJD> P<o>S 6.0
600 : <Mack> please, do it for me...
601 : <Chris> Ooh. Aaah. Every time I think of Stardock, I touch myself
602 : when I was a kid, I took Nestle's Quick and snorted it, because I had heard of speed and thought there might be a connection
603 : <Steve> I know everything :0 | <ByronT> if you knew everything you wouldn't be asking questions here, would you?
604 : <Hippy> Yeah, gotta watch what you're picking up with your knob these days..
605 : <|m|afk> i grab, i move, it crashes
606 : <Snowman> cya Phil, sleep well and have lotsa wet dreams
607 : * harrellj pokes her torrents
608 : <Vivi> either that or i'm just a big pervert. | <harrellj> you're a big pervert
609 : <WickedP> "once you're had skin, you never go back" :S
610 : <tj> yeah, my tv downloading can be sloooooow.
611 : <MadIce> People don't see how much work is in a skin. Most skinners work for ages on a skin. <MadIce> Well, except Adni of course. He can do 2 in lunch time.
612 : * WOM can make an original skin...can someone show me how
613 : <Hippy> Yeah, I'm an ass man too
614 : <Xira> The minute people start comparing macs to pcs, is the minute i start chopping up young children
615 : <Jafo> should be using air guitars...strings last longer
616 : <MikeB314> I know where to get logonstudio for free.
617 : <WOM> I was on it and then poof
618 : <pacca> if i drink much more beer i'll have my own set [of breasts]
619 : <sbgFX> I mean, I have the backstreet boys and celine dion [all Cd's] on mine, so :P
620 : <@BoXXi> I'm never having sex again.....the consequences are too expensive
621 : <xino> doing dandy here.
622 : * @tj bets poor janice's vibrator is interfering with her wireless connection again
623 : <@BtEO> Fuck me...
624 : <@vf> mac muppets wont show full screenshots
625 : <Pas> i did 4 time sin a week about 2 months ago
626 : <DoctorNick> usually my bro abuses his mouse instead. much cheaper.
627 : <Guardian> I won't touch mine bare fingered.
628 : <Chris> I am Aromatis of Fart. Prepare to be ass-stimulated.
629 : <Cerebro|busy> mine doesnt have to be too long
630 : <@vf> i dont think it can take the load between 5:30 and 10:30 each evening
631 : @RND has quit IRC <Quit: EOF: end of pot noodle>
632 : max- has quit IRC <Quit: MODEM - Monumentally Overpriced Data Eating Machine.>
633 : Roses are red, violets are blue, all my base, are belong to you
634 : <@vf> im the famous wookie
635 : <@vf> get down on your knees and tell me you love me
636 : <Pas> no more running around pregnant and barefoot, nick?
637 : <Chris> everytime god kills a kitten, someone makes a skin. or is it he othe way around?
638 : <@koop> I used to go there looking for a good screw...'til I got my nuts in vice....
639 : <@BtEO> All those homosexuals... can't be healthy
640 : <@koop> I want to have a t-shirt that says "Be careful what you say, I'm logging this."
641 : <@ultomate1> and one beer will lick your ass
642 : <@MadIce> Allows us to switch viro's skin without much fuzz when he is ready.
643 : <@viro> i like my fuzzy skin
644 : <@vf> little voice keeps talking in my head "turn me on, turn me on"
645 : <tjim> Prepare yourself filthy best of meat and hair, your magical love adventure begins NOW!!!!
646 : <@BoXXi> the doctor said.....you have acute angina........I said, yeah, and my tits aren't bad either..............
647 : London 2012 Olympic breakdown: Transport Infrastructure: £10 billion, Olympic complex : £2 billion, Council Tax increase: £20, Beating the French: Priceless
648 : <@grimspoon> you guys are pretty good, my erection time sucx
649 : <tj> tj - Fuckety Fuck Fuck Fucking Hell | Supervisor - Wow, i didn't think you swore.
650 : @koop can't skin, but I play a 1337 Hax0r on IRC
651 : <S-1> Oh good, I love pole work.
652 : <RomanDA> my name in print <RomanDA> i feel special
653 : <S-1> he he. Well decision time, do I want to get dressed or not.
654 : <CalvinWilliams> snowman get out of robinson!!!!!!!
655 : <JayStrux> im gay
656 : <RomanDA> my wife is 10 years old then me too
657 : <ByronT> boobmark it, you'll want to read it later.
658 : <@koop_athome> Stardock saved me from a life in gray suits....
659 : <@koop_athome> You know that you are middle-aged when.... ASL stands for Age Sex and Lies
660 : <@koop_athome> "Buttsecks" is not all its cracked up to be......
661 : <@Nakor_away> I've come to private color commentary
662 : <@LickServ> Snowman: Snowman spoke 113 days, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 21 seconds ago in #stardock: brb - rebooting
663 : <@Island_Dog> if i could only get an nice Korean girl for an intern
664 : <@koop> My brother is an only child too
665 : <Hottyfox> I'm attracted to my name
666 : <HG_Eliminator> "today Brad Wardel leader of the Skinning community was attempted to be taken hostage. the man charged wardell with a Mac laptop screaming 'SKIN THIS!!!"
667 : <@koop> I looked in the obits...my name wasn't there, so I went to work
668 : <@ZubaZ> I didn't realize how badly I sucked as a skinner until I tried skinning
669 : <MikeB314> hehe, moshi is suck a dick.
670 : <vf> yeh I love to do old guys
671 : <@TheProf> How does !quote work?
672 : <kryo> don't abuse it :p
673 : <noodle> actually it tastes like nasty
674 : <ZubaZ> My quotes all came across as homoerotic porn anyway
675 : <kryo_> especially if youre not wearing pants
676 : * @Yarlen chugs back a bottle of Jack Daniels to dull the pain
677 : <.Cari_Elf_Girl_Geek>: also I don't like people [said on a monday]
678 : <.GreenReaper>: I try not to let where I live determine when I live.
679 : <.GreenReaper>: I try not to think. That way I can't get sued.
680 : <.GreenReaper>: Juggling's great, actually. I found I gained new confidence going up to girls with a smile on my face and my balls in my hands.
681 : <.GreenReaper>: See if that helps. If not, complain loudly and bitterly until the situation improves. ;-)
682 : <.GreenReaper>: Stardock - where Nakor never sleeps.
683 : <.Nakor>: say no to safe mode
684 : <.Nakor_away>: I've got the linux. HEAR THAT SCO?
685 : <.WhisperSilk>: one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.
686 : <@Chris>: i don't remember being that annoying when I was 12 -- <@bill>: you were, just don't remember it
687 : <@CodeCritter>: I just wanted to remind everyone that today is that special time of week - the day when we put our differences aside, and unite at the lunch table to partake in delicious calzones.
688 : <@Coffee>: I hate it when I turn to coffee without knowing it
689 : <@Frogboy>: Then there's the evil capitalistic features.
690 : <@Furan>: I never learned to read :<
691 : <@Hippy>: I was looking for weird male body stockings for my transvestite night out....
692 : <@JumanjiVoo>: hmm argh cramp, gotta shake it
693 : <@KarmaGirl>: It would be really dull in here if nobody said anything stupid
694 : <@KarmaGirl>: ok...come over here voo so that I can squeeze you
695 : <@KarmaGirl>: pants? Who needs pants? <@Larry>: Live in sin.
696 : <@LickServ>: Xira: Access denied. You are not a LickServ Admin.
697 : <@Pas>: i can' type -- <@Pas>: +t
698 : <@pjpowell>: all we do in this channel is wait for voo quotes
699 : <@WBlinds>: you must be mistaken. Stardock apps do not have bugs
700 : <^^Gabriel>: You're so full of original sin I can see the stigmata!
701 : <_Tandy_>: i corrected myself you fool -- <.GreenReaper>: You know, it's not a correction if it's incorrect. ;-> -- <Enigma-Penguin>: ^ he has a point
702 : <`voo>: they piss all over my lawn '<`voo_>: your a real slim shady adam ;)
703 : <alobar> "Well, I had to give up caffeine & sugar a while back for health reasons. As I get older I can't trip nearly as often as I used to. So skins are now my daily mode of consciousnesse nhancement."
704 : <ashy>: hey guess what guys! <MadIce>: You're pregnant?
705 : <BloodyDeath>: woo
706 : <Buzzy614>: dont worry my finger is out of your nose now
707 : <ByronT-Work>: the key to not being quotable is not speaking with Hippy or Nakor around
708 : <Chris>: damn just lost my balls
709 : <Chris>: I though Greenreaper was people ... or is he soylent? -- <vf>: he's part of the system
710 : <Chris>: I'd huggle myself but I'm afraid I'd go blind
711 : <Chris>: need to shake Voo upside down until it pops out of his kilt
712 : <Chris>: voo traded in his Caps Lock key for 5 additional FPS and a goat
713 : <Chris>: when I was a kid we were single-cell organisms swimming the amonia sea to school
714 : <Chris>: You're not even 30, your a babe 5<ChristianGorilla>: i need a quick answer <Hippy>: 42
715 : <CyberPerk>: hmmmm, did I type that outloud?
716 : <DaWebMassa>: Damn quote me something better than that you knucklehead!
717 : <DesignCaddy>: that's a mighty big rocket you have there, andrew
718 : <digital_trucker>: Excuse me while I go slam my weenie in the door
719 : <digital_trucker>: Hi -- <digital_trucker>: Hi? -- <digital_trucker>: Hi! -- <digital_trucker>: HI!!! -- <digital_trucker>: ...heh
720 : <DrNick|Around>: One small step for skinners, one giant leap for GUI
721 : <ed>: I LOVE DELPHI :<elvee_NFL>: i missed some sleep lastnight playing with it
722 : <Ender>: I finally found my fiance, and it turns out shes 12 and that shes afraid of me.
723 : <ess-vid>: GreenReaper is a 500lb black lady? -- <Chris>: Of course he is. This is the internet
724 : <federal>: i don't know about a good mozilla skin..but i can help you out with a good browser: www.microsoft.com
725 : <FileFront|Crash>: Stardock Control is like Steam, except it works.
726 : <fredo>: but i'm "slow" , mainly due to the fact that i'm in europe i suppose
727 : <Frogboy>: No one is willing to pay to rub my feet.
728 : <Frogler>: Ironically I have somehow escaped.
729 : <Furan[BugBBQ]>: !quote add <Furan> looks like my first prio this morning is investigating the quicklaunch stuff <WBlinds> You get all the fun jobs <Lckserv>: Furan[BugBBQ]: Access denied. You are not a Lickserv Admin.
730 : <GreenReaper>: That's a new one - "WB set my UPS on fire!"
731 : <Guardian>: who is vickey voo? <voo>: i dont know <Guardian>: maybe a secret admirer? <Guardian>: 61 year old secret admirer <voo>: i wish <voo>: err
732 : <gweminence>: I am NOT A CHEESE-EATING SURRENDER MONKEY!!!!!!!!!
733 : <HaQz>: yeah, sometime i just float off into my inner mind
734 : <HG_Eliminator> ahh .. i type with 1 finger .. it gets hard to keep up..
735 : <HG_Eliminator>: well yes im odd by nature.. was there any specific odity you were refering to? :P
736 : <Hippy>: 'Do not try to use the spoon guard, instead merely realise that there is no dog'
737 : <Hippy>: I can imagine the chatup lines. "May the force be with you, my dear..."
738 : <Hippy>: I'm still fooled
739 : <Hyro_yuy>: "If you didn't save up for the comming apocolips, then doom on you, these are our three melons." doo doo's last words<ice age> -- <Digital[CHET]>: dodo* -- <GreySim>: *apocalypse -- <.GreenReaper>: coming* -- <Hyro_yuy>: STOP THAT
740 : <Ice_Dragon>: Dominatrix Ascendancy?
741 : <Ice_Dragon|shower>: u cant slap me when ur burnt
742 : <Jafo>: currently I'm Nicole Kidman...and thinking of 'things' I can do with myself
743 : <Jafo>: he's an expert dick, tho....been doing his dick thing since 99
744 : <Jafo>: I know...but he gets some evil sexual pleasure from it...which 'should' be mine...all mine...;p
745 : <Jafo>: I wouldn't sevice him with a six foot barge pole
746 : <Jafo>: I'd love to go through them all..and exile any user with a 4 letter word in their nick or name -- <Snowman>: a 4 letter word... like...... 'Jafo'? ;p -- <.GreenReaper>: like "jafo"? -- <Fuzzy>: yours is a four letter nick... -- <Jafo>: no...
747 : <Jeremy>: arrrgghhh I cant reproduce <joejoejoey>: i couldnt
748 : <JohnnySokko>: :borg:
749 : <KarlMarx>: Skinning is opium for the masses
750 : <KarmaGirl>: I second that w00t
751 : <Keila>: If you saw a taped concert it must of had 30,000 pounds of bananas on it. With the different endings.
752 : <killer_die>: :borg:
753 : <killer_die>: lagged out of sds2
754 : <kona>: ahhhh - GR is sleeping..so is Xira...and Snow is away... My kind of IRC!!
755 : <kona>: I'm FAR from narrow minded. I just ACT that way.
756 : <koop> Snapple fact: Your eye expands by 45% when looking at something pleasing. <Hippy>: My mouth expands by 45% and my head tilts by 90% when I look at a crap skin... <Hippy>: BLUEGH!!!
757 : <koop>: I made him squeal!
758 : <koop>: Starring Hippy as Johnboy.
759 : <kryo_>: theres so much neat stuff in morrowind, cant help stealing it all
760 : <kryo_>: yay another quote for me, thsi time no typos
761 : <kryo_D2>: he gor a nigma... for FORTY FKING PGEMS
762 : <kupotek>: happiness is a little fishy swimming in your toolbar on a sunday afternoon
763 : <Latin4567>: !quote show latin4567 | <LickServ>: Latin4567: The command only accepts a positive integer <greater than 0>.
764 : <Likwid on Devart> Agree or I'll stick my ice axe in your eye!
765 : <likwid>: i printed a pie receipe earlier w <Lothinator>: Well, digital_trucker and I have an interesting shared vocabulary: "biblical"<12>, "*snicker*"<12>, "shredded"<7>, "thyself"<3>, "caldera"<3>, "Morality"<5>, ... does this mean we're both going to hell? -- .GreenReaper>: Yes. Yes, you are. -- <Lothinator>: Okay, just checking. Gotta plan these things you know. It would suck to show up in hell wearing a parka.
766 : <MadIce>: You know that I have to K-line you if you ask for serials, Neil. Even if you are the programmer. No discussions. You know our policies ;) * WBlinds wants serial
767 : <MikeB314>: I do voo
768 : <MikeB314>: I don't think I have any quotes
769 : <MikeB314>: it's never too late to become parapalegic
770 : <MikeB314>: sometimes I'm shocked at the seemingly obscure american culture you scots have been exposed to.
771 : <Mobious>: now I vacume
772 : <Mobious>: woo
773 : <My_Name>: i talk too much
774 : <My_Name>: my credits keep droping
775 : <Nakor>: Ah, windowblinds 2.1. When men were men and telly-tubbies were at least nominally heterosexual.
776 : <Nakor>: Yes, w00t's for everyone!
777 : <Nakor_away>: I've got enough guilt for 2 priests and 3 jewish mothers ;)
778 : <neomilan>: i ownered myself
779 : <Obsidion>: what do the voices do? - <.GreenReaper>: They tell me to light fires.
780 : <Oldie>: !quote on -- <@LickServ>: Oldie: Access denied. You are not a LickServ Admin. -- <digital_trucker>: aww -- <Oldie>: :'< -- <ip>: Oldie, don't be a pest... -- <digital_trucker>: That's MY job
781 : <Pas>: i hear that all the time, "it could be the large size that causes the trouble"
782 : <Pas>: i think it was $93 when my bro bought one.
783 : <Pas>: my ex used to get 8 inches a lot q
784 : <PimpShiznid>: What does this mean? -------> Added *!*@* to ignore list -- <cHaOserveR>: you just ignored everyone, which means you cant see this -- <Cormac>: I could tell ya but your ignoreing us lol -- *** PimpShiznid <~jmattick@shvl-cbl-234-161.lightbound.com> has left #neowin -- <@creamhackered>: someone better PM him -- <@fred666>: he probably thinks we all left
785 : <Scooby>: well, it certainly loads a new game faster -- <.GreenReaper>: You should see how fast it crashes!
786 : <SD_voo>: i make superclean skins, but i cant do 2 in lunch time
787 : <SK>: [23:02] * BebiBulma plays with it -- <BebiBulma>: HEY!!
788 : * [2of3] blows chinks <BebiBulma> wow, sucky sucky 5 dolla tim?
789 : * ASk sticks with 8"
790 : * BoXXi goes to get someone who speaks fluent moron.
791 : * DoctorNick really wishes he knew asl.
792 : * DoctorNick really wishes he knew asl. [09:45] <Jafo> Nick...asl....asl....Nick. There know you know him
793 : * measter smacks ZubaZ with the long stick. <ZubaZ> Mmmm . .yeah . . right there
794 : * Zoom|Home is now known as IAmSoWrongAboutSoMuch
795 : * ZubaZ gives Quentin a manly pat on the back
796 : <@Erk> virgin love oil here, baby!'
797 : <@Island_Dog> don't go soft on me
798 : <@kryo> I want my own lick as a pet
799 : <[2of3]> waaaa
800 : <andrew> no, zubaz
801 : <andrew_> 'get some booty' is encouragement
802 : <andrew_> ASk: you need to get laid buddy [14:35] <ASk> why? :p
803 : <andrew_> hah, im dumb
804 : <ASk> jafo is the obtuse angle of doom
805 : <BebiBulma> I just know how to spell anwyay :P <.Jafo> yes...you spell enwyay well <.Jafo> oh bugger <BebiBulma> rofl, so now we're even jafo
806 : <BoXXi> I'M the boss in this house!!!! <BoXXi> <she told me I could say that>
807 : <BoXXi> If someone was given my brain in a transplant, they'd be getting a good one.................... it's never been used!!
808 : <BoXXi> my wife and I have a weird and wonderful relationship.......................... she's weird, and I'm wonderful.
809 : <Cari_Elf> my boyfriend is probably going to tease me...he's never seen me wear pants
810 : <CerebroJD> "I'm the cock of the walk, baby!"
811 : <CerebroJD> Do me, instead
812 : <CerebroJD> Jafo, Kree!
813 : <CerebroJD> seen mine?
814 : <ChaNinja> I hate Rick Astley! My brother used to beat me up while he sang "Never gonna make you cry..."
815 : <Cordelia> I hate everyone -- <Island_Dog> even clowns? -- <Cordelia> especially clowns -- <Jafosnores> ditto -- <Yarlen> I f*** hate clowns
816 : <dean> lol... "Potential fit issues will arise if you have a small head " <Boogiebac-Laptop> thats when you buy the 200 dollar 'head extender' ;)
817 : <Digital[CHET]> "either of you homosexuals?" <RomanDA> no, but we are willing to learn <ZubaZ> No, but I'm willing to learn
818 : <Digital[CHET]> i like girls wearing lingerie <Jafo> you don't like girls when you're not wearing lingerie?
819 : <Digital[CHET]> i like girls wearing lingerie, part of the fun is unwrapping GR, well... unwrapping, GR* not unwrapping GR coz that's just wrong <causticfx> O.o Or just right? .. ;)
820 : <Digital[CHET]> part of the fun is unwrapping GR
821 : <Disconnected> ya, never lick them myself
822 : <DoctorNick> I smell.
823 : <Erk> 'licky dip' ..is so much more exciting :p
824 : <Failboat_Captain> I'm a dick
825 : <gh33da> good thing my brains to dumb
826 : <gh33da> Liquor. It's everywhere you want to be.
827 : <gh33da> Yes! A friend of mine is finally going to bring me "Dirty Love"!
828 : <harrellj> I see partitions :P <koop> Better than dead people
829 : <harrellj> when was the last time you saw something that small available for purchase? ;->
830 : <highlander> stardockians, I have a 4 berry pie in the lunch room for your enjoyment -- * KarmaGirl is now known as KarmaGone
831 : <Hippy> If I wanted my hands to stink I'd go rub my dog
832 : <I_D> my lightsaber is better than Nickies broom handle <ID> i do it on my Mini here
833 : <Island_Dog> GO TIGERS!!!!!
834 : <Island_Dog> i'd like to have 24 inches
835 : <Island_Dog> my lightsabers are better than theres
836 : <Island_Dog> not if you got the straps on tight
837 : <Island_Dog> the only downside to this video venture is me having to get dressed
838 : <Jafo> I am Dyslexic of Borg....your ass is malted
839 : <Jafo> it's not how big...it's how well you yse it <BebiBulma> hell with a 15" monitor...doesn't matter how well you use it considering how limited the space is XD
840 : <Jafo> it's OK, Zoom...I hired a fitman - <Jafo> bollocks - <Zoomba> lol - <Jafo> hitman -a typo! someone take a screenshot - <Zoomba> where's Zubaz?
841 : <Jafo> rats...so we can't dream of porn...;)
842 : <Kona> We have to move - Landlord is giving us an eviction notice because he was told our house smells bad.
843 : <koop> There is sick, really sick and not-on-IRC-sick
844 : <kryo> Please state the nature of the skinning emergency?
845 : <Lantec> Forums Go Boom
846 : <Lothinator> well a command like that one isn't very informative... some are useful I suppose when you're penisizing about who has the better computer...
847 : <Lothinator> ZubaZ quit touching it!
848 : <Maxstyles> I like orbs
849 : <milksama> Yeah, those 3.5inchers aren't floppy at all <milksama> I wouldn't mind having one <milksama> As long as whoever I was working against couldn't hear it of course ;)
850 : <mittens> DoctorNick: Mmmmmmm. That was so good.
851 : <mittens> I'M A LINK SLUT.
852 : <mittens> I. AM. DUMB.
853 : <mittens> Last time I had a shot was Friday night and I woke up with a 19-year-old gay guy's apartment with a Hannah Montana poster staring down at me.
854 : <mittens> tee-hee, I'm dumb.
855 : <mittens> Wow. I'm real dumb.
856 : <mittense> I'm so dumb it hurts
857 : <Moduliz0r> Nickie, make LickServ lick somebody!
858 : <Nakor>10/26 This morning I looked up at the sky and I saw a flock of birds. They were all flying north and I thought to myself "Up front there is one stupid bird."
859 : <Nickie> baseball is the most important sport. << this is your brain on drugs
861 : <Nickie> My pole quote for ZubaZ
862 : <Nickie> nickie didn't say that
863 : <nuts2butts> these greenraper furry pictures are giving me the biggest erection known to man. im batting at it like a punching bag
864 : <Pas> you already have koop. what more could you want?
865 : <Philly0381> There are a few older folks then me around in the community, but most don't hang out in here. They can't move their walkers fast enough.
866 : <Randy> they say "A fool never thinks himself a fool."
867 : <RomanDA> i still have a 5 1/4" <highlander> 7 1/4 baby cakes
868 : <RomanDA> sorry.. i have told ZU this before.. i like innies, not outies
869 : <RomanDA> sorry.. i have told ZU this before.. i like innies, not outies.... <ZubaZ> For the record . . I'm an innie guy too
870 : <RomanDA> they know what causes pregnancy now... lots of beer
871 : <SanChonino> "It's easier to keep many ladies happy some of the time than ONE lady happy all of the time."
872 : <Sepharo> <--- PC Fanboy ... My Wii is for multiplayer afterparties at college
873 : <Sepharo> I just choked on water while drinking it... And it wasn't from laughing so I think it might mean I'm dumb D:
874 : <StumpMan> I don't need abuse...I'm married
875 : <TheD2JBug> I do most by hand <TheD2JBug> but then again I suck
876 : <TheD2JBug> Welcome to the Internet. Where the men are men and the little girls are FBI agents.
877 : <voo> weird how you can't see my pounds Mark
878 : <WebGizmos> I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar.
879 : <Wizard1956> Hey, I'm just happy I don't have a hole where my logoff button should be;)
880 : <WR-Away> its not putting out like it should
881 : <Zoomba> I'll just try my luck with the gas station again
882 : <zubaz> Dude . . . you know I love you like a last resort cell-mate in a max security prison where I have no choice but to be nice to you in case either you want to kill me or are my best chance of escape
883 : <ZubaZ> Even a sex slave needs to be fed
884 : <ZubaZ> Gooooo Tigers!!!!
885 : <ZubaZ> I get banned all the time -- <Snowman> chicks digs being in control ;) -- * ZubaZ was kicked by andrew_ <i pres butan> -- <andrew_> tee hee ^_^
886 : <ZubaZ> I like Zoomba more than most of the boyfriends I've known
887 : <ZubaZ> I've seen justin's chest . . Zoomba's pretty desperate
888 : <ZubaZ> Jafos knot hear. frie tipos pfor ervetone!!
889 : <ZubaZ> Lothinator, quit touching it
890 : <ZubaZ> OMG! Forums are down!
891 : <ZubaZ> sober and fully clothed . . so not at my best The day is young
892 : <ZubaZ> Would love to see the balls thump to the beat
893 : <ZubaZ> Zoomba has quite the way to end an evening though
894 : <ZubaZ> ZubaZ needs a new throbber once in a while.
895 : <ZubaZ> I like a custom throbber. Who doesn't?
896 : * eetmorsqrls is touching himself -- * eetmorsqrls licks it
897 : <Nimbin> i gotta stop coming in the middle of things
898 : <Zubaz> I AM ZUBAZ. FEAR MY FELSHY REVENGE! http://shellscape.org/zubaz.jpg
899 : <TheD2JBug> I am unprocessed soylent green
900 : <WolfoxBR> We need more pole-related quotes
901 : <Chris>: maybe they should just spanke each other with those big wide paddles when they score
902 : <KarmaGirl>: I'm going to shut up now
903 : <LickServ>: I should be top author
904 : <voo>: bend over threads next
905 : <voo>: i was thinking of trying it, but was too scared :o
906 : <Furan>: grr
907 : <Nakor>: if it can't be done on a slide ruler, it's not worth doing
908 : <vf>: its all up in ma bum
909 : <voo_>: :< think my keyboards hacked
910 : <voo_>: so its... 5200 is MX performance 5600 = Ti4200 4400 performance 5800 = Ti4600 and 5800 Ultra is the big daddy
911 : <voo_classicChillout_>: why cant people be normal and use skinstudio
912 : <voo_music>: bloody arsebandits business people hogging my exchange again
913 : <voos|Chamber|Of|Secrets>: dont mess with my database
914 : <voos|Chamber|Of|Secrets>: wow cool Harry Potter lego sets
915 : <`voo>: your not feeling my nipples
916 : <Hippy>: I dno't think Dr Pepper is a real doctor. I had a friend once who choked and died, and Dr pepper just sat there, and didn't budge and inch...
917 : <KarmaGirl>: doh! I'm actually amazed that more of my stupidity hasn't been quoted by now
918 : <KarmaGirl>: Quit that!
919 : <pjp_sleep>: voo's too sexy for his skins
920 : <pjpowell>: I am considerably leeter than youw!
921 : <SkinStudio>: sot, you're making the baby Voo cry
922 : <voo>: i cant get no respect? ill have to go cry on msg board for that then ;)
923 : <voo__>: well its mrs piggy slow now
924 : (on justin timberlake) <vf> if you listen to his songs, he'll have you naked by the end
925 : <vf> either pair of eyes or set of handfull's with nipples and sagging badly
926 : <Pas> everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but i know i'm always right ;)
927 : <Hus> i still havent said anything cool enough to be quoted...
928 : <vf> thought it was bigger
929 : <Chris> yes they say "my balls are the best"
930 : <GreenReaper> Pfft, masses.
931 : <kona> can't knock it till ya try it
932 : <kona> I love the new WC
933 : <koopathome> I am celebrating Geek day.Pas: i type so well
934 : <Snowman> mmmm... feel the Tubbi luuuuv
935 : <Snowman> size always matters
936 : <awesome> http://echosphere.net/star_trek_insp/insp_captkirk_preview.jpg
937 : <noodle> i have delicate hands
938 : <BoogieBac> but we can tweak the nipples later if necessary
939 : <TheD2JBug> my laptop is compensation for me having a very small penis :P
940 : <eetmorsqrls> the meat was the size of the palm of my hand
941 : <.kimjongeets> I'm so ronery. so ronery. so ronery and sadry arone
942 : <WinterFox> Then this deep voice goes, "Where are all the urinals?"
943 : <froderick> Man we're like the help desk from hell
944 : <worf> http://i271.photobucket.com/albums/jj154/dirtwizard/worf.gif
945 : <riker> http://www.skinventory.dk/pics/picard_riker_facepalm.jpg
946 : <froderick> "decrypted" is not a good way to describe an old lady
947 : <Ndition> I like boobies
948 : <TurdFerguson> at least insult me when im still here so i can defend myself
949 : * FuzzyAnny simulates his fist in Ndition's face! -- * Ndition faps
950 : <@ZubaZ> it's IRC . .there will be more ball talk at some point
951 : <Elshar> Aha, I figured it out, apparently I'm just dense.
952 : <Wizard1956> I like old cars, old bikes, my wife...oops, better scratch that one

Quotes: 952